Thursday, August 26, 2010

Benefits Of Green Corporate Housing Apartments

Benefits Of Green Corporate Housing Apartments
Not Another good way of hitting two birds with one stone is the use of low flow toilets and showers. Studies showed that if one Canadian replaced their standard soft lights with above mentioned CFLs, they can help save more than $600 million a year. It is good to find corporate short term rental properties which uses eco-friendly light bulbs as they also lower down your place's maintenance costs since bulbs which last longer require fewer changes.

 Some rental properties also use energy-efficient light bulbs such as compact fluorescent light bulbs- not only they are helping the environment but also they help in lowering down your electric bills. There are also some condominiums where instructions are left to the renters where they could leave their recycle bins every time they are full. These corporate housing apartments leave recycle bins in accessible locations within the vicinity where recyclable trash are picked-up every day. There are short term rental apartments that take recycling seriously.

 If you are one of those consumers who wanted to help our atmosphere, make sure to find Corporate Furnished Apartments that are eco-friendly. Recent studies revealed that 60% of consumers are leaning towards finding rental properties that are environmental friendly. Green corporate housing is one of the growing trends in the global short term rental apartment industry wherein corporate houses implement operation protocols, infrastructure designs, used products and appliances that can help save the environment.  With increasing effects of global warming, almost every industry be it computers, automobiles, textiles and even hospitality is contributing towards carbon free world.

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