Sunday, August 8, 2010

Desirable Elements of a Conference Table

It is customary for the big and small organisations to have separate conference rooms where the people can meet formally or informally to discuss things and take decisions. These facilities are also being provided by third parties. Whether it is the normal face to face conference or the distant or teleconferencing, the rooms are specially designed and fitted with all the necessary equipments to facilitate conferencing without any hiccups. One of these essential elements of the conference room is the conference table. This has to be designed and made according to the specific needs of the organisation. Here are some of the things which are normally kept in mind while designing the same:

Size: How many people shall be accommodated needs to be decided. This will determine the size of the table. This depends on the usage. A large organisation might require a seating of about 30-50 people whereas a small organisation might need only 4-10 seater table. Similarly, these might be used for small office parties, meeting the customers, training the employees and many other purposes.

Shape: The shape of the conference table is another important determinant. It will depend upon the type of use that is expected to be made of the table. The shape could be rectangular, square, oval, arcs, U-shaped and so on. A U-shaped table is convenient for serving the eatables and interviewing the candidates.

Spacing: The space between the two adjacent seats and between the diametrically opposite seats is another important factor that shall be considered. If the space is too much, there might be provision for mikes being placed. comfortable space margins shall be given so that the users have sufficient space to stretch out their legs and hands.

Drawers: The tables shall also have sleek drawers where the participant can keep their documents, pens, note-pads and other items of use.

Fine Finish and rounded edges: The tables shall have the edges rounded up and finished so that the sharp corners and wooden streaks do not hurt the users. The table tops can be finished using simple polish, plywood, glass, fabric and a number of other ways.

Fittings: The large conference tables require some essential fittings to be done as well. These could be for the operation of the laptops, projectors, mobile charging, placing mikes and others. So, there shall be adequate provisioning of electricity, voice and data transfer facility.

Flexibility of usage: Nowadays, the conference table can also be made of adjustable height, tilting, folding and light weight features. So, these can be used very conveniently.

Conference table can be used for a number of purposes. These could be used for conferencing, education, training, dining and a combination of these. For getting this table made, it is important to know the use this is likely to be put to. This will determine the shape, size and the fittings to be done.

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