Monday, August 16, 2010

Dining RoomTrends 2010

Dining RoomTrends 2010

The Return of Marble – It seems Basements have always been popular targets for a remodel when homeowners are seeking more livable space as well, but in many areas of the country attics are joining them as prime remodeling targets. As more people look for ways to expand their living quarters instead of risk an unstable real estate market and move on, this trend is likely to continue. Outdoor Rooms and Additions – The interest in "outdoor rooms" is still on the rise, especially outdoor kitchens. Industry experts feel this is possibly due to the fact that rooms are expanding in size as more homeowners choose to have walls knocked out (or never built at all) to create the kitchen/dining room/family room that seems to be gaining so much prominence in the US.

Apparently even the way flooring is being laid is changing as well, with more people opting for wider planks when choosing hardwood flooring. Even those who are determined to stick to "real hardwood" are opting for more exotic choices like jatoba, a wood from Brazil that is admired for its deep mahogany tones, rather than the more traditional domestic options. Bamboo seems to be leading the pack as in addition to its very green properties it has a character that is unique, especially since it can be woven and processed in many different ways to create completely different textures, colors and effects. Eco Friendly Flooring – Not necessarily a great surprise, but how rapidly ecofriendly flooring options are growing in general acceptance has been astonishing to some.

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