Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Builders The Market In 2010

Home Builders The Market In 2010

At the height of the housing bubble Lennar, Like the case of Lennar Corp. A peek back to 2005 tells a story of an investor’s worst nightmare. The skepticism about investing in new home construction is warranted. Why be first to risk your money, when you can wait to see how larger investors react to inspirational tidbits within the market.

It is the “you first” syndrome. Many skeptical onlookers hold their position until they see tried and tested investors make their move. The domino effect is what drives the market. If investors begin to feel comfortable about coming to the homebuilders table with money in hand, others in the market just may follow. This is a huge mile marker; it is a sign that there may just be a heart beat once again in this market.

Analysts are predicting that the company just may return to profitability in 2010. Lennar reported only a $.47 loss per share for the last quarter ending on Nov 30. The news for 2009 was far better than expected. In 2008, they reported a $5.12 loss per share.

is currently the nation’s third largest homebuilder. Lennar Corp. Although there is not much hope of seeing profits within the home building industry just yet, there are whispers of a potential rebound due to the reduction of losses that were reported for the fourth quarter of last year. n a market that is begging to rebound, investors are looking towards some of the nation’s largest home builders for inspiring news of what may lay ahead for 2010.

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