Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kids Bedroom Design

Kids Bedroom Design
Once again including kids in this process is the most advisable course of It is possible to adapt a theme however for both genders, for instance a medieval theme can support both boys and girls, while the boys can have knights on the walls, girls will like princesses and flowing fabrics. For instance a girl will be more attracted to a fairy or princess bed and a boy will be more inclined to choose a bed and design that reflect a boat or racing car. Additionally the theme will most likely have to reflect gender roles. Fundamentally it is advisable to keep the theme flexible, choosing a bed, and other furniture should reflect this flexibility at all times.

Remember that kids are often susceptible to fads and hence kitting out the room in their favourite thing may be inadvisable, in a month or so they may not like Postman Pat or Thomas the Tank Engine. As a parent it is important to find out whether there is a particular colour they like or a certain thing they are into. Of vital importance is to include kids in the decision making process. Naturally any theme will mean matching furniture such as the bed, wardrobe and cupboards, creating a space that will be enjoyable and relaxing for kids. The hardest part of the decision making is to choose what type of theme to opt for, with choices such as boating, castles, football, fairytale and history the choices are literally endless.

Designing a kids bedroom can be an ultimately fun and enjoyable process.

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