Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling - Tips

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Tip# 1)  The Kitchen sink cabinet should always be at least a two bowl sink unless you do not have the space available in your kitchen.  One exception might be if the kitchen remodel is for a 2 person studio or a small apartment.  This is very crucial especially for bigger families or if you have more than two cooks in your household.

Tip# 2)  Try to use all your kitchen corners by using a lazy Susan cabinet instead of a blind corner cabinet.  This will help you space in your kitchen and the kitchen cabinet use is most of the time a couple of hundred dollars more.  This is a very good investment in the long run.

Tip# 3)  Every kitchen need one three or four drawer bank to store all your cooking utensils, Tupperware, small items storage, and breadboard.

Tip# 4)  Try to buy a cabinet that has a built in trash can.  This helps hide your trash and makes a kitchen look very clean.

Tip# 5)  Do not overspend on kitchen trims or moldings.  Your kitchen budget will sky rocket by thousands of dollars or 25% more.  Use small crown moldings and least bulking ones.

Tip# 6)  If you are wondering about a new kitchen or to reface.  Consider this; at least 60% of your kitchen cabinet cost is in your doors and trims.  Replacing your kitchen sometimes is much cheaper if you consider that your kitchen will last more than just refacing.  An analogy of this is painting a car instead of buying a new one.  You can spend 3 to 4 thousand on a nice paint job but in the long run it will keep on breaking up.  JUST DO IT.

Tip# 7)  Shop around for Kitchen Cabinets.  In this down turn economy there are plenty of companies offering great deals.

Tip# 8)  Remember buying a kitchen is not an expense it is an investment. You can write off the cost of materials and labor from your taxes and increase your value of your home. Invest wisely in your kitchen remodel and you can have a great kitchen.

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