Monday, September 10, 2012

Stylish Pharaonic black dining room

The furniture of Pharaonic Ancient Egypt which at its best attained a degree of sophistication unparalleled in the ancient world until the heyday of ancient Rome , is well known both from actual examples and from innumerable representations. Not only have many pieces been preserved almost intact in the dry climate of the Nile Valley , but tom reliefs and paintings, status and funerary models provide important evidence of much which has not survived particulary from earlier times. 
Depiction of Egyptian furniture as such is indeed unusual , but individual items are often shown among offerings and mortuary equipment, in carpenters workshops, and most frequently in use, as for example in banqueting scenes. in nearly every case, however, such representations reflect the living conditions of upper classes.
in the next picture you can see stylish Pharaonic dining table formed from eight Pharaonic chairs and wonderful Pharaonic table in addition to medium  drawer chest and classic mirror, and stylish medium  buffet.
Stylish Pharaonic black dining table

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