Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream house Idea

Dream house Idea
For outdoor dining, make sure you have a beautifully landscaped garden with a large patio to accommodate many If sumptuous dinner parties are your thing, then a large, ornate dining room is a must. Entertainment, however, is a broad category and you should consider what type of entertaining you like to do best. What use is your home if you can’t share it and show it off to friends? Another feature that is essential for dream house plans is the entertainment facilities.

 To minimize this damage, you can install solar panels or small wind turbines, or better yet, both, to provide for your electric needs. If conventional electricity is being used, that means that some power plant is burning coal or oil and spewing tons of pollutants into the environment to keep your air conditioner and lights on. One area to consider is how the house is powered. If the pool is “going green”, the rest of the dream house plans should as well.

 You can also complement the pool area, with a sauna and outdoor hot tub. No more chemicals or salts to pollute the environment. Of course, to make the dream even better, why not go for an environmentally friendly pool that uses pumps and plants to keep the water crystal clear and clean. Everyone wants to be able to host an awesome pool party, as well as do laps at any time of day or night.  You can’t even begin talking about how to create dream house plans without talking about a swimming pool on the property.

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