Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cottage House Plans

The Cottage House Plans
You can also research design principles Study garden themes such as rock gardens, herb gardens and shade gardens. Gardening magazines and books can give you lots of ideas. Use the house placement as your starting point.

 Begin with an aerial drawing the property. Designing your own custom garden plan would be a time consuming task, but no one else would have a garden like yours. But, if gardening is a beloved hobby for you, then consider designing custom garden plans yourself to match your English cottage house plans. The downside is that pre-designed garden plans won't give you the customized look you are seeking. Pre-designed garden plans can be adjusted for your property and this type of approach is more affordable.

 However, cost may be a stumbling block as landscapers tend to be quite expensive. Professional landscaping plans will assure you that the garden plants are well suited to the climate and housing style. Custom gardens designed by a professional landscaper will complete the English cottage charm. Beautiful English cottage house plans cry out for well designed landscaping plans that match the cottage feel you are trying to attain.

 But for those who think the best part of the home is the garden, an English cottage house could be a dream home. However, thatched roofs aren't practical or allowed construction material in many places. English cottage house plans bring to mind storybook fantasies of roses covering a trellis and climbing on thatched roofs.  Few homes stir the typical notion of lush gardens that an English cottage house plan can invoke.

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