Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mountain Home Idaho

Mountain Home Idaho
You can learn about the early journeys of explorers to the great northwest, and the Nez Perce tribe that still The area is rich with history and culture. This is also the area where the famous French expedition crossed on its way to see exploring the Louisiana Purchase. Up in the north, where along the Montana border, are the Idaho side of the Bitterroot Mountains, a favorite mountain range of campers, hikers and fisherman all over the country.

 When they melted, they left behind all the lakes, rivers and reservoirs that cut their way through the lush evergreen forests. You can thank the massive ice-age glaciers for the beauty of northern Idaho. That also means some of the best fishing in the Rockies! - It is also one of the wettest of the Rocky Mountain States, with thousands of lakes, rivers and streams winding through its forested mountain terrain. - More than half of the land in the state is federally protected, which means that it's more than half national park.

 - Idaho is the most forested of all the Rocky Mountain States, with nearly half of its land covered in tall, whispering pines. Here are a few facts about Idaho that can help you decide if you want to visit. It can also boast that it's one of the most scenically diverse states in the union, despite its small size. It has some of the best unspoiled natural beauty in the United States.

 What makes Idaho so wonderful?  Idaho is the "Gem State," and motor home enthusiasts love it.

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