Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Remodeling The Guest House

Remodeling The Guest House
For example, if you would like to turn your guest facilities into a pool house, chances are you won't need a kitchen unless you intend to do some serious entertaining, but you may want to You need to determine how you can best use the square footage for you, rather than how the guest house is presently setup. It probably has a cooking area, one or two bedrooms, and a living room area. The majority of guest houses are basically setup like a mini-house. Even if you wind up needing to hire a contractor, you can go ahead and start the planning process now.

 It will also depend on how much alteration you want to make. Of course, the true amount of remodeling required to achieve your goal for your guest house will differ based on what kind of shape the guest house is in now. Perhaps a pool home, a gym, or a home office would work better for you? If you have a guest house but don't visualize yourself going for any of these traditional options, then it is time to consider converting this extra square footage into something that you can really use.

 Not only is a guest house a promotional point for your home, but many homeowners utilize the extra square footage of the space to house long terms guests, to rent out for extra money, or simply to afford privacy to a college-age child.  There are few real estate features that are more impressive to buyer's than having a property that includes a guest house.

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